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Pistol League

Clarification of Rules and Regulations
Pueblo Municipal Shooters pistol league rules and regulations are based on the NRA Precision Pistol Rule Book. All NRA rules apply with the exceptions related to the distance from bench to target and using two hands instead of the traditional one hand bullseye shooting stance.

NRA Rule 10.10
Procedure in case of Defective Cartridge, Disabled Pistol, or Malfunction in Slow, Timed or Rapid fire.
1. Should you have a defective cartridge, disabled pistol or malfunction keep the gun in the ready position pointed down range. Do not clear the gun or attempt the resolve the malfunction. Raise your non shooting hand to call for an alibi. A Range Safety Officer will then inspect the reason for an alibi request and determine if you are granted the alibi.
2. If the alibi request was granted during Slow Fire you will be allowed to shoot the number of rounds necessary to complete the 10 round string on the same target.
3. If the alibi request was granted during timed or rapid fire you will be required to load an additional five rounds and (in a timed or rapid fire string) you fire into the same target. In scoring; the lowest ten rounds in your target will determine your score.

  • No supporting of gun or shooter.
  • No leaning on the bench.
  • Targets must be set in place with the white line on the overhead track clearly visible.
  • Shooters are NOT permitted to shoot semi-autos or revolvers twice in the same category.
Scoring Procedures With the new league format adopted in 2015 the scoring for Top Gun, Pro, and Match level competitions will be based solely on the total number of points earned by each competitor.

All shooters will be competing to earn the highest number of points possible. The total number of points will determine the first, second and third place winners in each level of competition.

To determine the three different levels of competition the total number of shooters will be divided by three. For example, with fifteen shooters there would be five shooters in of the three levels of competition (Top Gun, Pro & Match). Should the total of shooters be an odd number there would be an additional shooter assigned to the match level. For example, with sixteen shooters there would be five in Top Gun, five in Pro and six in Match. In the event there are seventeen shooters there would be five in Top Gun and six in Pro and six in Match. With less than nine the total number of shooters would be divided by two rather than three. With three or less shooters there would be only one level of competition. Winners will be announced and awards presented the last night of the league.

  • First, second and third place awards will be given out only if there are a total of five shooters in any of the three levels of competition (Top Guns, Pro-Shooters, Match Shooters).
  • With four shooters only the first and second place shooters will receive awards.
  • With three shooters or less only the first place shooter will receive an award.
  • Exceptions can only be made and approved by the league director.
If you miss a shoot and it is not made up either the week prior to or the week after no points will be awarded. No averages will be considered. If you miss the last shoot of the league you must make it up prior to the last night of the league. No points will be awarded once the league is over.

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