Feb 042012

Chief RSO

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Course Februrary 18th 2012

What will you learn in an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Course ?

CRSO is a fourteen hour training course, successful candidates are eligible to apply to the NRA for certification as: NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO). Minimum age for certification is 21 years.

The CRSO course has two prerequisites:

  • Candidates for the CRSO certification must already hold the NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) certification or have successfully completed the NRA Range Safety Officer Course (RSO) before attending the CRSO course.
  • Candidates for the CRSO certification must complete the NRA Basic Instructor Training Course (six hours of training) before beginning the CRSO training or have completed that training within the past year. (Please consult the course staff for details)

If the CRSO candidate has previously and successfully completed the NRA Basic Instructor Training Course, and has succesfully completed the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course, then the CRSO candidate is required to complete only the NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Course (eight hours of training)

The NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Course is an instructor level course. Successful completion of the NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Course and appointment by NRA authorizes the CRSO to teach the Range Safety Officer course and certify new NRA Range Safety Officers.

Information included in the course includes:

  • The role of the CRSO
  • Teaching RSO candidates their role
  • Teaching RSO candidates how to inspect a range and range safety rules
  • Teaching RSO candidates how to conduct a range safety briefing
  • Teaching RSO candidates about emergency procedures
  • Teaching RSO candidates how to deal with firearm stoppages and firearm malfunctions

No LIVE AMMUNITION allowed in the classroom under any circumstances!

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