May 022015

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Remember this is not the same old law and legal.  Some folks have said they took it before and don’t need it.  This program is different.  It is put on by an attorney who specializes in gun law and owns a gun shop himself.  Many things have changed in Colorado and in the United States.  Attitudes are different today.   Police officers and DAs across our state may have different attitudes today as well.  It’s not enough to just know how to use your firearm.  It’s vastly more important to know your rights and know when not to discuss an incident with the authorities. All gun incidents do not involve firing your gun… DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO in those circumstances????

This seminar happens after the holiday weekend so you should be ready for a little training with an open mind.  This is not a fund raiser……all the proceeds go to U.S. Law Shield.  One of our members rented the city park pavilion in order for this event to happen.

Let’s support this event by getting out a large crowd so that we can show northern Colorado that we are the best……maybe we will have the largest event in the state!

Mar 112015


DATES: APRIL 10th, 17th, 24th, MAY 1st, 8th.
TIME: 5:30pm to 9:00pm. Shooting will start at 6:00pm.
ELIGIBILITY: Open to any shooter. Anyone under 18 will need a guardian at the meet.
TARGETS: B2, B3 for April 10th, 17th and 24th. Flower May 1st and black birds May 8th.
CATEGORIES: #1 any 22 and 17 cal rim fire rifle (iron sites only) no optics.
#2 Pistol 22 Revolver and/or #3 Auto. #4 Center Fire Pistol and/or #5 Auto.
SIGHTS: Iron sights only no red dots no optic sights.
FEES: $20.00 per category plus one time range fee of $10.00 for all five (5) match dates.
RULES: Rifle will be at 50 feet. Pistol will be at 25 feet for men and 17 feet for ladies. Range rules apply. Case and uncase guns in the shooting booth only. NRA rule book will be used. You can use one or two hands for pistol. Rifle off hand standing. No supporting of shooter or gun.
NOTICE: If the shooter cannot make it to a match they will be allowed to make it up on the next shoot and if a shooter knows that they will miss a match you will be able to shoot a match ahead (toward) the next match.
COURSE OF FIRE: Pistol slow fire 10 minutes for ten shots. Timed fire 20 seconds per 5 shot string two (2) strings. Rapid fire 10 seconds per 5 shot string two (2) strings. Rifle will be three 10 shot strings at 50 feet.
SCORING: All scoring will be done by match officials. No one except officials allowed to plug any target.
AWARDS: 1st and 2nd to each person in the top category plus 1st and 2nd in middle. There must be at least 8 shooters to have a middle category.

For more info call Rick T or Bill J (719-250-1541)

Feb 112015

Do you have a passion for writing?
Does your creative side need an outlet?
Do you yearn to make a difference?

We are looking for a creative, detail oriented, computer savvy volunteer to continue the excellent work producing our monthly newsletter.

You will be responsible for accepting content from the board and others, authoring brief articles related to the shooting sports and creating the monthly formatted newsletter.

If this is YOU, please contact us so we can chat more about it and perhaps get you started.  Help will be provided to get you up to speed.

This is your opportunity to apply your talents and passion to help out your range.

Contact Rick Taullie @ 719-248-0444 or Terry Curtis @ 719-406-8627