Feb 112015

The range will be closed for maintenance the next couple of Mondays.

Date: Monday, Feb 16
Time: 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Why: Replacing sensors in the air handling system to provide better flow and to let us know it’s time to replace filters.  Other general maintenance will also be performed.

Date: Monday, Feb 23
Time: 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Why: Strip and wax the floors in the conference room and hallways.

Volunteers for both dates are needed!  You don’t have to be there both days or stay all day.  Any time you can help will be greatly appreciated.  Even if only a couple of hours.  The 16th we will be busy all day.  On the 23rd we only need help moving furniture before and after the floors are serviced.

If you can volunteer some time to help keep our range clean and working properly, giveLes Keator a call at 240-5624 or 560-0823 and let him know when you can help.

Feb 112015

Do you have a passion for writing?
Does your creative side need an outlet?
Do you yearn to make a difference?

We are looking for a creative, detail oriented, computer savvy volunteer to continue the excellent work producing our monthly newsletter.

You will be responsible for accepting content from the board and others, authoring brief articles related to the shooting sports and creating the monthly formatted newsletter.

If this is YOU, please contact us so we can chat more about it and perhaps get you started.  Help will be provided to get you up to speed.

This is your opportunity to apply your talents and passion to help out your range.

Contact Rick Taullie @ 719-248-0444 or Terry Curtis @ 719-406-8627

Feb 112015

Come join us for the PMS Winter League!

Dates:  February 20th thru March 20th 2015  (5 Fridays in a row)

Time:  6 PM to 9 PM


B2, B3 for Feb 20 & 27 March 6.2015
Balloons: March 13, 2015
Zombies: March 20, 2015


Must be a least 3 people in each category
#1 Any 22 and 17 Cal rim fire (iron sites only) no optics
#2 Pistol 22 revolver and/or #3 Auto.
#4 Center Fire Pistol and/or Auto iron sights

Sites: Iron sights only no red dots no optic sights


Onetime fee.
$20.00 per category
$10.00 onetime fee for range and all match dates


Rifle will be at 50 feet.
Pistol will be at 25 feet

Course of fire:

Pistol slow fire 10 minutes for ten shots.
Timed fire 20 seconds per 5 shot string two strings.
Rapid fire 10 seconds per 5 shot string two strings.
Rifle will be three 10 shot strings slow fire target at 50 feet


1st and 2nd to each person in the top category
plus 1st and 2nd in the middle category.
Must have at least 6 people for a middle category.

For more information call Bill J    (719) 250-1541

Jan 182015

On January 17th we held our annual meeting at the Union Depot. The night was packed with celebrations of the past year’s accomplishments, recognition of our volunteers, without which we could not function, great food, and fellowship. This year there were many door prizes provided by our very generous donors. Please thank them personally when you visit their shops. In an exciting turn of events, a couple of door prizes were won and immediately auctioned back to the membership. This generosity of the winning members helped raise money for Christy Shearer’s mission trip and a donation to the Junior Marksmen program. It made for a lively evening. A few minor changes to the by-laws were voted in and the 2014 board nominees were re-elected for 2015. A few days after the annual meeting the board elected its officers for 2015. Rick Taullie is your new board president, Terry Curtis was elected vice president, Peggy Walker will continue asTreasurer and Paula Mitchell will continue as Secretary. Bob Covington, Les Keator, Ron Wiley, Chuck Wingfield and Leonard Jimenez will provide their wisdom and counsel as our at large members. We, your board, would like to thank all of the folks that helped with the preparation and execution of the annual meeting. We also would like to extend special thanks to the membership who took time out of their schedule to attend the meeting and make it the success it was. Thanks. Happy and safe shooting!