Nov 232014


Many people turned out today for the annual Turkey Shoot. 27 sets of targets brought us to the final winners in 3 categories.


Bob turkeyshoot2Covington- Centerfire Pistol
Christy Shearer Rimfire Rifle
Robert Bosley- 22 Pistol

Thanks to Debi Sanks, Terry Curtis,Chuck Fogg,Jim Wotylka, Robert Bosley and Rick Sindeband for all the help to  put on the event. Many thanks to the range and the Board of Directors for all the support for this project.

Nov 092014


It’s that time again! Another year has come and gone.

Your 2015 membership renewal forms are now available. Renewal Form

Please complete a renewal form, make a copy of your NRA card or magazine address label showing your NRA expiration date and either mail to the range or drop it into the box on your next visit. If your NRA membership needs to be renewed, please complete that section on the form and enclose the correct amount. Remember, only checks or money orders are accepted. If you are 60 or older remember to check the Senior membership option to receive your discount.

The 2014 membership expires on December 31, 2014 so get the renewals sent in. The door codes will automatically expire on February 1, 2015 unless your membership is renewed. If membership is not renewed by then, the new member administration fee will be assessed when you do renew.

If you have questions, contact Terry Curtis at 406-8627 or

Let’s make 2015 a fun and safe shooting year at our great range.

Nov 022014


Hear ye, hear ye!
Come one, come all to the PMS Turkey Shoot!

We will be having the annual Turkey Shoot on Sunday, November 23, 2014. You can come and shoot your targets anytime between 9 AM to 1 PM. Not to worry, you will not miss the Bronco vs. Dolphins football game, which starts at 2 PM.

All contestants will be shooting as individuals. There will be three – five shot targets. There must be at least four people in a category. Categories include .22 LR pistol, Double Action Only centerfire pistols, Centerfire pistols, and .22 LR rifle. Members and guests, young and old are welcome to enter. Fee is $5 dollars per category.

Refreshments will be available and a great time for all. You do not need to stay to watch others shoot but it is fun. Hope to see you there. Put a turkey on  your table.

Oct 162014

PicnicThe Pueblo Municipal Shooters Board of Directors held an afternoon of food, fun, and prizes for ALL MEMBERS in appreciation of the VOLUNTEERS who gave their time and talents to PMS. The event was held on Saturday, September 13, in City Park at the Pavilion by the Range. The tasty Pulled Pork barbeque was prepaired by Les Keator and his wife with the help of  Rick Taullie and his wife both board members. 54 people were in attendance and the event was a great hit, and rumored to be bigger and better next year. Prizes were awarded to many:


The Henry rifle went to, Georgrann Watts
1400 rounds of .22 ammownt to, Gordon Shearer
Gift cards were awarded to ,Kaye Taullie,Mike Castillo,Larry Hudgens
Bricks of 22 ammo went to John Harper,Martha Keator,Janet Hudgens, and Bill Dill
100 rds. 22ammo. went to Chuck Wingfield and sheryle Dill

The few ammo prizes that were not given, will be for our annual dinner. It was great to see all in attendance and we hope to have a great event planned for the membership next year.

Jun 122014

Free Youth Shooting Fun Days – Ages 10-17

Pueblo Municipal Shooters, Inc. is sponsoring free youth shooting days for Youth ages 10-17 years old. The classes will last approximately 90 minutes and covers very basic gun safety and marksmenship. Each youth will be given the chance to shoot with rifles with an instructor. A parent must accompany the youth.

All instruction materials, firearms, hearing and eye protection, and ammunition provided free. The youth must wear long pants, t-shirt and closed toed shoes. Do not bring a firearm or ammunition to the range.

You must preregister the youth for the class at the Pueblo Municipal Shooters, Inc. website. There will be several time slots available during each day of the event.

Dates: July 19 2014

Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

there will be several classes each day

Where: Pueblo Municipal Shooter, Inc. indoor range, located in the building north of the customer entrance to the Pueblo Zoo in City Park

Register Now

We are looking forward to seeing you there. 

Dec 102013

Free Safety Class Logo
Pueblo Municipal Shooters, Inc Board of Directors approved on Monday night a proposal by Chief Range Safety Officer,  Rick Sindeband to have the Free Gun Safety Classes required for all new members starting January 2014. The gun safety program covers range specific rules,gun safety rules,proper gun handling, and general topics that all safe shooters need to understand. Also approved at that time was permission to ask offenders of major rules to attend the class and become trained in the range specific rules and general safety rules that we all should be handling firearms with. In the past each new member was given a summary of the rules during new member orientation, but this was found to be inadequate and needed to be improved. Class takes 2.5-3 hours and will be held several times each month. There is no cost for this program for members and non-members alike. RSO’s (Range Safety Officers) and PMS Certified Instructors will be instructing these classes that do not qualify the attendee for a concealed handgun permit.

Jul 082012

Several events have happened this week and I thought maybe a quick review would be in order of some of the safety rules that we have in place at Pueblo Municipal Shooters Inc.

pistol in slide lock

  • First one is the gun out of the holster or gun case anywhere in the building except in the shooting booth. This is a big safety violation. You can not have a naked gun (one that is out of a holster or gun case) anywhere except in the shooting booth. There are no exceptions to this rule. YOU CAN NOT PASS A GUN BETWEEN BOOTHS, or WALK FROM THE BACK BENCH TO THE BOOTH WITH AN UN-CASED OR UN-HOLSTERED GUN.  This includes .22 cal rifles, they must be un-cased in the shooting booth.
  • Second one is muzzle always pointed down range  this one is a problem all the time. People tend to hold semi-auto pistols directions other than down range when loading and unloading. Remember to load and unload with the pistol pointing down range. Some find it easy to turn sideways point the pistol down range and load or unload. Remember when not shooting to have your pistol in slide lock with the ejection port up on the bench. Revolvers should have the cylinder open or in the case of a single action revolver the loading gate should be open. These guns on the bench should always be pointing down range, not left and right.
  • This one may seem simple but you can not go down range to retrieve any brass or targets at any time. Even if the range is empty and no one else is there. We have brooms and rakes if you can not reach with these tools leave the items down range.
  • The last one is an administrative item. If you bring a guest you must fill out a guest form in the wavier book. Do no put them in the sign in rooster for members.
Help keep our range a great place to shoot and remind those around around you of these simple rules.
Jun 192013

concealed carry law and legalConcealed Carry- Law and Legal Education

This training is supplemental training and does not qualify you for a concealed carry permit.

The class will be held Sunday July 28th at 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Pueblo Municipal Shooters. If you have never experienced a class put on by Patrick Watts you have missed some great Concealed Carry training. His criminal code and concealed class is one you will want to attend. Patrick is a retired Deputy Sheriff from Arizona and as such has trained close to 5000 people in his 32 year law enforcement stint in Arizona. He is an NRA Certified Police Firearm Instructor, an Arizona Post Certified Police Firearms Instructor, an Arizona Department of Public Safety Certified CCW Instructor,and a Bondurant Certified High Speed /Pursuit Driving Instructor just to name a few. The Concealed Carry law and legal class is raw and real. Some of the stories he tells and the verbage used are just to good to be true. You definitely will come away with some information that you need to know.

Concealed Carry Law and Legal Info you Need to Know

One of the things I preach to my students is that every individual that carries a concealed handgun or keeps a gun for self protection needs to know the rules.  It is each individual’s responsibility to be sure what they are doing is within the law and with that knowledge be more articulate about these issues and be better able to explain one’s actions should that time ever come.

Concealed Carry Law and Legal education for $15……

This training is supplemental training and does not qualify you for a concealed carry permit.

Pueblo Municipal Shooters sponsors this class about once every 3 months and Patrick does it for a fund raiser for them. At $15 its a steal and a lot of information for the buck. A concealed carry law and legal class like this would cost much more money if you took it somewhere else.


This is a prerequisite for some advanced NRA Courses.

Please register below no phone calls please class size will be limited to the first 40 people.

You must be pre-registered for this class. Sign Up today.



Apr 282013

Gun SafetyGun Safety at Public Ranges

At the beginning of the year, our (RSOs) Range Safety Officers met and decided they would like to see some form of gun safety training available to the public that shoots on public nights (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-9 pm). We decided as a group that the NSSF (National Sports Shooting Foundation) Range Safety video should be available to watch on those nights so we installed a TV to do that and it has worked well. The second part of our plan was to have 3 Hours of Gun Safety Training at no cost covering things such as range specific safety rules, general gun safety rules , and proper gun handling skills both revolver and semi-automatic. In March and April we held 2 classes of 10 people mostly made up of members from (PMS) Pueblo Mnicipal Shooters Inc.  to test our program and see what would be necessary to run it. The program was a big success and everybody thought it was great. The first 20 people who were mostly members said that they had learned some very beneficial safety information and that they thought it was going to make them better members and more aware of how members and public shooters should be safe at a public range. Most commented that they wondered why it was not mandatory for members to have this training? We will be working the program in the future by running one class a month with the help of our volunteers. This first test program was developed by Rick Sindeband, Linda Hill, Steve Worley, and Dan Heaney. Sign up for the next class we will be starting a new one soon